Webythos Training Development

Webythos can help you design and implement a comprehensive online training solution. By using our own Education Environment called Sesh Savvy.com your training program can be accessed by all of your students anywhere in the world on pc’s and mobile devices. Webythos specializes in Hybridized Training Development, which is training which requires the student to spend even less time in class than typical blended learning, but doesn’t compromise on training delivery or result integrity, this is achieved by tutors giving live online broadcasts to students at regular times ( which are recorded so students can catch up later) and only requiring students to attend mandatory elements of courses like Assessments, Exams and Work Experience in person. This ensures that practical elements of courses are experienced in person by students and exam integrity is uncompromised. The most flexible training and course delivery you can get.

Some of the advantages of Hybridized Education include

  • Maximum Flexibility
  • Flexible course durations
  • Students can join at any time,rather than a specified course start date.
  • Students will still have the guidance of a qualified Tutor to address any questions or concerns that they might have

Current Training Programs Under Development Include

Icanso.net – Training for persons to work professionally with medicinal herbs

For persons involved in Administering Medicinal Herbs to Patients

  • Herbal Sciences, Administration & End User Care ( QQI level to be determined)
  • This course is a combination of modern sciences and traditional herbal medicines designed to prepare the student to work in a variety of herbal medicine administering environments, from the modern dispensaries of Canada & the US to more traditional style environments of the east.
  • Course elements include:
    • History of Herbal Medicines
    • Composition of Medical Herbs, Functions of components.
    • Administration, Web Based Databases, Record Keeping
    • Customer Service
    • First Aid, Allergens,

For persons involved in the production of medicinal herbs

  • Hydroponics & Organic Herb Production (QQI level to be determined)
  • This course is designed to teach students about the basics of Hydroponic growing, the advantages and disadvantages of growing hydroponically and organic crop production
  • Course elements include:
    • Growing Mediums, Nutrients, Lighting
    • Pests and controlling them
    • Requirements for crops to be considered organic
    • Efficient growing, including energy efficiency, and efficient and environmentally friendly disposal of mediums

Session Savers.net – Logistics Training for Professional Delivery Personnel

Plus courses for joining the Webythos development and marketing teams

  • SEO
  • Online Marketing, Newsletter production and distribution, GDPR
  • Advanced Marketing and Business Admin, CRM Implementation

If you have a specific training need or requirement, or just an idea for a new course that you would like to develop, get in touch, and see how you can collaborate with Webythos.

We are currently looking for people to join our training development team, if you have experience in training development, or a QQI Level 6 Training Identification & Design qualification or higher check out the careers page.