About Webythos Development


Webythos is a digital development company founded in Cork City, Ireland in 2019. RBN.637762

The name Webythos is derived from a mixture of a modern utility that is capable of connecting people from all over the world (Web) and a word (Bythos, meaning Depth or Profound Understanding) which is taken from a set of ancient belief systems that considered knowledge and understanding to be among the most important things in life.

The core values and principles behind Webythos are:

  • Develop using open source software
  • Create networks that encourage social inclusiveness
  • Provide services that are easily accessible to all
  • Promote continuous Education across all our platforms
  • Be transparent in every project undertaken

Initially created to make websites and to develop open source software , the scope of Webythos soon broadened to include the Development of IoT Devices that would be used in some of our larger projects.

Open Source Software

Webythos Development has a strong commitment to open source technology both in terms of using it for our solutions and releasing any software created by Webythos to the Open Source Community but also in terms of promoting it’s use among other Web Developers.

Social Inclusion & Transparency

Webythos Development is proud to be the initiator of the icanso.net website. Icanso.net is a website, support network, and information hub for Medical Cannabis users in Ireland. Training programs are currently being developed to facilitate the opening of professional Medical Herb Sales facilities in Ireland.

For more information on any of the current projects that Webythos is currently involved in visit our portfolio page

Development of Icanso.net and all other projects undertaken by Webythos and discussed and collaborated on at the Newclear.Enterprises Project Team Building Platform. Anybody 16 or older can join Newclear and have their say on any of our projects. And with a verified members account you can become an official contributor.

Commitment to continuous Education & Training

One of the first sites created by Webythos was the SeshSavvy.com Adult Education & Events Environment. SeshSavvy is an advanced learning management system, social network and events website built to facilitate the training requirements of Webythos Development and it’s clients. A particular emphasis is placed on Hybridized Training. Training that gives learners the freedom to learn course work in their own time by having access to online content and teaching mechanisms. But also maintains the integrity of exam results and practical skills application by requiring that students attend class in real world locations for elements of their course.

Services Provided

Webythos can provide services in the areas of Website Design & Development, Marketing and Training Development.

If you are a developer and are interested in working with Webythos on any of our projects either sign up to Newclear.Enterprises and start participating or contact us and upload your cv with your query.